Written evidence submitted by Rubbina Shaheen (POH0013)


Dear Ms Reeves


I write, to you as Chairperson of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, that I am pleased to read the BEISC is having a meeting with the Post Office Management, present and past.


I am one of the 52 cases that are with the CCRC, awaiting their decision if whether the conviction is squashed or not.


What surprises me, that after 5 years, another meeting is being held with BEISC and to question what happened to the meeting held five years ago, chaired under Vince Clarke MP. All that is being done is Post Office management being questioned and then brushed under the carpet.


Similarly, David Cameron when he was the Prime Minister, saying an inquiry needs to be done. Then what happened. Brushed under the carpet again.


Now as last week, the current Prime Minister says I will support an inquiry.


The High Court, in its judgement said that the Post Office was in the wrong, and that Paula Vennels  having misled the judge.

I strongly feel the past management of the Post Office and the investigators should be made to stand in the dock.

Further more, I feel it is wrong for Paul Scully as the new Business Minister that he will hold anyone accountable.


My life has been robbed by the Post Office and I wish JUSTICE is now done.


Once again, I am pleased the BEISC is having this session.


Yours sincerely


Rubbina Shaheen


March 2020