Written Evidence Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland (SCT0029)


This submission is from the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland. It includes a brief summary of measures Finland has taken in order to approach the European Commission’s proposal and the national choice between permanent winter- and summer-time.


  1. On 12 September 2018, the Commission proposed to end seasonal clock changes in Europe in 2019.[1] According to the Commission's proposal, Member States will decide whether they want to maintain permanent winter- or summer-time.


  1. The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland has been canvassing general opinion on the seasonal changes of time and the standard time. The drafting of Finland’s position has involved an extensive consultation of citizens, businesses and other stakeholders: we have carried out two citizen surveys and circulated for comment the Government’s draft proposal concerning the choice of standard time. 


  1. According to the Gallup polls, the majority of Finns would like to forgo the daylight saving time practice. As for stakeholders that took part in the round of consultation, they were almost unanimous that the twice-a-year custom of changing the clocks by an hour should be scrapped. The stakeholders brought forward opinions in favour of both winter- and summer-time as the permanent standard time.


  1. All in all, Finland is in favour of the removal of the daylight saving time but we have not yet made the final decision regarding the permanent time. The decision will be taken after the possible passing of the directive.


22 October 2018







[1] Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council discontinuing seasonal changes of time and repealing Directive 2000/84/EC, COM(2018) 639 final.