Written evidence from Transport for London (GMA0025)




Government Motoring Agencies Inquiry:  The user Perspective Session


I wanted to follow up on some comments I made at the Transport Select Committee session I attended on 24 March 2014, in relation to the Government Motoring Agencies Inquiry. 


I suggested that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) was not minded to send letters on behalf of Transport for London to those drivers identified as having used an unofficial website to pay the Congestion Charge. This was a pity since we were seeking to protect people from paying too much through these sites.


The DVLA has since confirmed that it is now comfortable with the proposal and we are now working with them to finalise a letter that will be sent to drivers who have paid unnecessary charges and directing them to the official website to pay the Congestion Charge. 


I am very pleased that TfL and the DVLA are able to work together in this way for the benefit and protection of our customers.  I hope there is an opportunity to set the record straight. As I say, they announced this to us the day after the Select Committee only.


Yours sincerely,





Leon Daniels

Managing Director – Surface Transport


April 2014