Written evidence submitted by Mr Srikrishna Pothukuchi


Dear Ladies / Gentlemen,


As adult human beings, we are able to cope with the COVID-19 with a lot of difficulty. Young children, especially in the age groups of 04 to 08 years are unable to understand the situation. Some initially were happy during the lock down days that they had holidays for unknown reasons and enjoyed staying home and playing with their siblings or elders. In single child families, we could see the difference. Earlier, they were happy playing with dolls soon they realized that they were missing friends and the school.


We need to have psychological support in place for children to cope with this situation. Nonetheless, we need to support their physical well-being as that is going to be utmost importance. Until vaccine is released, it is not going to be the business as usual. There is going to be stress on the medical research community until the vaccine is produced on a mass scale.


To abridge the gap of school and the psychological well-being of young children, we need to arrange virtual classrooms across the country so that children would not feel missing their friends and the school. Off course, we can take support of the technology in this situation.


At the same time, I request you to consider having psychological counselling services made widely available for young children to check the mental well-being.


Hope we will sail across COVID-19 with no more damage to our lives and livelihood.


Thanking you,


Srikrishna Pothukuchi



May 2020