Written evidence submitted by Ms Josephine Hussey


So I was taught teachers should have high expectations and be role models for children, taking them beyond their comfort zone and discovering they can achieve things. I have tried during my career to show them I have high standards for myself, read, think through ideas, accept when I’m wrong and move on and I have even climbed high ropes when I was scared, had difficult meetings, stood up in front of children and adults smiled and performed when I havent felt like it as that is my professional role. As the anniversary of my mums death approaches I remember being in bits in the staff room, wiping my eyes and then going into the classroom and pretending I was fine. We show children the world is a place to get stuck into and not be scared off and to push to achieve their best.

I feel it’s my duty to get schools open and I’m prepared to take whatever risks I need to, although I believe they are not high risks. I am worried I won’t be allowed though, as some in my profession are behaving like the kids in my class do sometimes. Refusing to engage and asking for a risk free environment. If that’s the role model - what child does that create.

We need to free the teachers who are happy to go back to plan and open and allow those who aren’t ready to have some time. They can online teach while we go in. All teachers will be working as they have done throughout the lockdown. Just some will do it in the classroom and some at home.

I don’t want to divide the profession but I am so frustrated at all the barriers Teachers and unions are putting up to easing the lockdown.


May 2020