Written evidence from a member of the public (DDS0109)




Dear Sir/Madam

I understand that the Joint Committee on Human Rights is considering the above Bill which is due to be discussed in the House of Commons shortly.


I am not able to put specific evidence online in the way that you normally require but wish to make my views known.


I am a retired solicitor and am interested and most concerned about this Bill. I understand that there are a number of human rights concerns relating to the vulnerable spouse and also any children particularly where one party seeks to bring the marriage to an end without reason or fault. Also I understand that no evidence has been presented by the Government about the likely adverse effects of this Bill upon marriage generally and the parties to the marriage and any children, particularly from Countries which have already brought in no fault divorce.


In addition the Government have ignored the overwhelming result of their consultation which were that people did not agree or want no fault divorce.


In addition the Bill contains little or no safeguards eg where one spouse decides to apply for divorce but does not not have to advise the other party for a considerable number of weeks after the application and there is then going to be little chance or time for any discussion to save the marriage or discuss reconciliation. It is largely accepted that the Bill will make divorce much easier and increase the number of divorces at a time when the UK has an extremely high divorce rate and action is needed to strengthen marriages rather than the opposite.


I hope that these and other flaws or concerns will be addressed as well as the other specific human rights issues.


06 May 2020