Written EvidenceRoyal Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. (SCT0026)


In Norway, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries is in charge of the proposal. 


Norway is a part of the Central European Time Zone, and the Norwegian standard time is one hour ahead of universal coordinated time (UTC+1). In Norway, no national consultation regarding the proposal has been done at this point. The Norwegian government has not yet decided on the position on discontinuing current arrangements for changing the clocks, or the decision regarding permanent standard time. 


The Ministry's preliminary position regarding the proposal is that we see no strong reasons to keep seasonal clock changes, as the historic reasons for the regulation no longer are present. 


If the Norwegian Government should decide to put an end to seasonal clock changes, this would require Norway to choose between 'winter time' or 'summer time' all year round. The Ministry's preliminary position is that it would be an advantage to follow the same time regime as our neighbouring countries, and other important trading partners. The Ministry sees this as important due to the proper functioning of the internal market. 


3 October 2019