Facebook – written evidence (DAD0081)


Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this inquiry. Please find below our responses to the questions outlined in the call for evidence.


How can politicians and political institutions use technology to engage the public with national and local decision making and enhance democracy?

What role should education play in helping create a healthy, active and digitally literate democracy?

Should there be more transparency in online spending and political campaigning by political parties and other groups? What is the effect of targeted online advertising?

What steps can be taken to reduce the impact of misinformation online?

Does the increasing use of encrypted messaging and private groups on social media platforms present a challenge to democracy? What are the positive and negative effects of anonymity on online political debate?

How has the design of algorithms used by social media platforms shaped democratic debate? Should there be more accountability for the design of algorithms?

Are people or organisations deliberately using social media to undermine trust in democracy? How can this be combatted?

Smarter Tools

Greater Transparency


Stronger Partnerships

Supporting an Informed Electorate

Prohibiting Coordinated Inauthentic Behaviour