Written evidence submitted by Manpower UK Ltd (RDF0031)


The Driver Academy Group consortium consists of HGV Training Services Ltd, Logistics UK and Manpower UK. HGVTS are the lead and contracting entity with the DfE.


Manpower UK are engaged by HGVTS as sub-contractor and we manage large parts of the learner journey. In line with the DfE guidelines, we have a rigorous, robust and fair selection process with the key objective of maximising new talent into the sector and taking steps to minimise drop-outs. A key part of this process, therefore, covers the initial applicant engagement. The main components of this initial engagement are as detailed below:


  1. Applicant registers interest
  2. Applicant directed to landing page to apply
  3. Consent questions completed
  4. Applicant completes registration
  5. Pre-screen call to applicant
  6. Applicant completes competencies profile
  7. Review job performance suitability
  8. If criteria met, applicant receives second call
  9. Applicant mapped to Pathway A to I (the 9 pathways awarded under the Skills Bootcamps in HGV Driving)
  10. Applicant offered a place on Pathway A to I, changed to candidate status and passed back to HGVTS to complete Training Declaration and Learner Contract


For clarity and context, the competencies profile is an online tool, consisting of 27 questions, clicking to the next question after each response (hence this could be interpreted as 27 pages).


After the second call, an Assessment Report is created, using all information that has been collated during the selection process. To ensure objectiveness and fairness, the interpretation of the Assessment Report is directly related to the individual’s relevant signposted pathway and potential future roles.


To-date, nearly 9,000 individuals have applied, over 80% of whom are classified as novice and are eligible for Pathways A to C. The consortium was awarded 2,160 places across all 9 pathways. Demand has been huge. As we both acknowledged, Skills Bootcamps – part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, provide an excellent opportunity to develop the necessary skills to embark on a new career or a more specialised role. Previously each applicant would have had to fund this training personally and so it is no great surprise that the demand has been so high. Unfortunately, inevitably this means that applicants will be disappointed if not selected onto one of the pathways.


The consortium is in regular dialogue with the DfE through formal account review meetings and frequent correspondence. I can supply the Account Manager details if required.


February 2022