Written evidence submitted anonymously (SPI0026)


1. I am submitting this evidence as a private individual and victim of spiking. I believe it is more widespread than people realise and has been going on for a long time. My experience was in 1973. I was drugged by a ‘friend’ at a relatives house. He put LSD in my drink. As I had no experience of drug taking at all, I was completely disorientated, hallucinating and confused. I believed that the devil was on my bed, and ran for safety to the ‘friend’. He then calmed me down and had sex with me without my consent.

2. I later found out that his father had tried to rape another friend of mine several years before, leading me to wonder whether this behaviour is learnt or inherent.

3. If it is learnt then the education of boys in proper behaviour is extremely important.

4. This incident has affected the rest of my life and my husband’s. As I was unable to talk about it to my husband, with no terms of reference, he suffered terrible mental health problems, until he worked out the cause of my ‘unfaithfulness’.

5. These crimes have more long lasting effects than people realise. More help should be available for victims, the guilt is horrendous. It took 30 years before I could even talk about it to my husband.


January 2022