Written evidence submitted by Jonathan Mank


Dear Sirs,


Re: PM Photograhy Ltd


I cannot express the desperation of ourselves and many many millions of ‘Directors’ - the situation is utterly dire and the frustration is that NO ONE is listening - it’s affecting our mental well being about the unfairness of the scheme that we feel is unfair and massively misunderstood that we as Limited Company Directors are rich, fat cat Directors.  We are NOT, many earn even with dividends about £30,000 - do you really consider that amount large - it is NOT as you know.  


The fear and it is real is that we will go under and never mind the 2 million businesses - the 5 million + employees too - all having to fight for a job or Universal Credit and worse the loss of tax that we will all not be paying - and all over what is perceived to be us being tax dodgers. 


We are wedding photographers, overnight our business income has gone.  All weddings are either postponing or cancelling.  First to close and last to reopen.


Bounce Back LOANS are not the answer, whilst many have applied out of sheer desperation.  We have no business but are being encouraged to take debt on ….. how on earth can we repay it, even in 12 months.  What are the tax implications of taking a loan anyway? 


Let’s remind the facts, we are legal, we follow the government’s rules, we did not make the rules up!!!


We pay Corporation Tax.


We pay tax on dividends


We pay tax on PAYE


We pay NIC


We pay Accountants fees for returns and our Payroll


We have bank fees 


Our staff pay PAYE 


Our staff pay NIC


We don’t get holiday pay, sick pay, bereavement leave/pay or pension contributions.


Any gain, which is legal, is approx 2% (if that) and therefore we get ZERO help as we cannot furlough or £500 approx if we do furlough based on small PAYE as ZERO on dividends which are our income NOT INVESTMENT INCOME - our only money coming in is from CLIENTS - it is NOT from Investments, we are not rich companies or rich people with investments that bring in dividends for goodness sake, we have a few quid in the bank getting 0.2% off the bank if we are lucky!!!!


Someone needs to take this on board, not play the party line, this is wrong, this is cruel and it’s unjust.  


It’s so worrying that no one cares, your party said we are in this together, no one will be left behind.  Please help us as the forgotten Ltd companies that are dying, not because of Corona virus but because our government has chosen to make us pay for something we have not done.  


Many millions are suffering and I beg of you to help and not ignore our plight, please, I’m begging you. 


We are just normal people, nearly a normal amount of money but working really hard and soon this will be gone. 


Ps I don’t care if the government removes the small tax advantage (this 2%) if we get the same of similar help.  I’m sure no one in our position would care, just to have some help that is similar and be in a position of being able to still have a business at the end of this.





Another tact, rather than bashing us.


Payments could be made to be done via our Accountants, to ensure validity? 


Honestly, someone really needs to grasp the urgency of this, come up with something that will help the 5% that are falling through the cracks as that is not just and should not happen in this society.  


We all need to be working to all help pay it all back.


With hope please,

Jonathan & Donna Mank 
PM Photography Ltd


May 2020