Written evidence submitted by Hull Tenants’ Forum [RSH 028]


A small group of Hull’s Tenants’ Forum membership met online with officers from Hull City Council to form a response to the below questions. We as a group would like to submit responses as all the questions asked effect our homes, lives and neighbourhood.

1        How widespread and serious are the concerns about the quality of social housing?

The quality in Hull is good, however it was noted that end houses can tend to get damp/mould. This may be resolved when the planned energy efficiency project are rolled out further. There is issues nationally!

2        What is the impact on social housing providers’ resources, and therefore their ability to maintain and improve their housing stock, of the need to remediate building safety risks and retrofit their homes to make them more energy efficient?

The cost will be a huge impact, more resources needed with special skill sets.

There should be equal access for grants to improve homes – Housing Associations have more access than local authorities, will this effect the tenants by a rent increase which could negatively impact on them.

3        Is the current regime for regulating social housing fit for purpose?

It is a good start, need to keep the promises set in the white paper with continuous engagement to give tenants a stronger voice. Development of the regime’s as more data is made available to meet the needs of the tenants 

4        How clearly defined are the roles of the Regulator of Social Housing and the Housing Ombudsman?

The ombudsman is clearly defined however the regulator could be more clearer.

5        Does the current regime allow tenants to effectively resolve issues?

Yes, however the landlord own processes may appear lengthy and confusing. Effective communication from the landlord on there own processes and clear access to the regime

6        Do the regulator and ombudsman have sufficient powers to take action against providers?

Yes! Currently appears to be the case but going forward the powers need to be increased when more people use the service.

7        Will the reforms proposed in the social housing White Paper improve the regime and what progress has been made on implementing those reforms?

Yes it will going forward, need to continue more development especially around the resident voice and respect.  Chapter 1 and chapter 6

Progress has been made nationally with the appointment of the social housing regulator, Housing ombudsman is much more accessible, involvement experts sitting on board meetings and locally tenants and officers working together.

8        What changes, if any, should the Government make to the Decent Homes Standard?

9        Should the Decent Homes Standard be amended to include energy efficiency and other means of mitigating climate change, and if so how?


10   Should all providers of social housing, not just councils, be required to register with the regulator?

Yes! Otherwise how would the regulator monitor all providers in they are not registered. There should be an equality for all tenants no matter which RSL

11   What challenges does the diversification of social housing providers pose for the regulatory system?

There needs to be a level playing field to create a standard

Because there is already some inequality’s around the funding the landlord can apply for especially between LA and HA and other areas such as age of stock, type of stock there need to be a robust approach to how the regulatory systems compare

how these landlord are performing, it is currently like comparing apples and oranges….. Unfair

December 2021