Written evidence submitted by GP Survival (FGP0355)


Poor advice on testing and failure to update symptom list/criteria to reflect the different symptoms with Delta and Omicron variants

Need messaging that “cold” symptoms = Covid until PCR -ve result

LFTs only to be used when asymptomatic

Failure to reinforce the “common sense” mitigating actions of hand/face/space

Over reliance on vaccination as sole preventative measure

Failure to advise schools re HEPA air filters etc


Poor access to secondary care

Many clinics discharged more than 50% OP list to GP

Online clinics then demanding GPs do F2F procedures such as bloods/ECG etc

Long and increasing waiting times for clinics /procedures

Assumption and expectation that GP will manage waiting list and issues arising as a consequence

Obstruction of referrals by mandating A&G causing risk to patients with delay in diagnosis and also transferring risk and workload to Primary Care


Recruitment problems (actually an issue since 2010

5k retirement cliff

-1700 now

No sign of the promised extra 5-6k promised

Negative attitude of medical schools and secondary care

Lack of effort by HEE, prioritising other HCPs such as ANPs and PAs

Excessive and progressively increasing workload and negative briefings forcing trainees out

Lack of proper pastoral care for the two cohorts of Covid FY1s leading to psychological issues and burnout


Retention issues

Burden of appraisal and revalidation

Fear of being left as last man standing and responsible for all redundancy payments

Constant regulation and micromanagement

Recruitment issues leaving workforce gaps and increasing workload/stress

Dec 2021