Written evidence submitted by Dr Ravi Sastry (FGP0284)

I write this letter in a personal capacity as a partner in a busy GP practice in Dorset.

We have an elderly demographic with many retirement complexes, nursing and care homes to look after.

My patients value us so much that they share their most private matters with confidence and trust us with their lives. This is such a huge honour and immense responsibility that we cannot shirk away from.

As an independent contractor my sole aim is to be a genuine advocate for the WHOLE health of my patient who is in front of me. If you take away this role then in future Health care professionals will work what’s good for system and their employer which might not share the same objective!

This also cannot be achieved when there is no continuity of care and personal investment from a healthcare professional in every patient.

For this sole reason Partnership model is key to deliver the best possible health care, which is effective, efficient and personalised. Partnership model comes with such flexibility which can be adaptable to face any challenges like just we saw with the pandemic. But for us to work in a genuinely effective way, NHSE is responsible for setting the right approach and fund the service.

A salaried GP model will be like bean counters and with limited responsibility for overall health of patient. Salaried Model will lead to working in silos and firefighting each day providing episodic care. They will not go the extra lengths and will clock off at exactly 6.30 pm without batting an eyelid.

A GP is a person who will have a breadth of knowledge and able to support a patient and his family from cradle to grave. Individual specialists are therefore good at providing episodic care in their particular field but only a GP will know the wider psycho-socio economic impact an illness has on each person of the family.

Please look how you can entice and improve your workforce by increasing number needed to deliver good quality care across the whole land.

Please Support smaller practices to deliver high quality care in each locality of the UK, merging practices into huge surgeries have seen to reduce Quality of care and loss of continuity.

We want to look after our patients, not putting more box ticking into our practice. Pandemic has stressed the system and shown how medical systems are important to work together.

Holding a registered List of patients and having a named GP has enabled us to vaccinate our whole population in swift manner and enabled us to identify high risk patients.

Please don’t break something this precious with sole aim to change!

My sincere request is to Stop denigrating GPs in media. Please do not pit doctors against patients, primary care against secondary care.

Please call GPs as FAMILY PHYSICIANS in future as we are the centre of each family!

Dec 2021