Written evidence submitted by the Clanrye Group (INI0008)


Clanrye Group


Economic, Social and Political Impact of the Loss of ESF Funded Programmes


Clanrye Group operate two ESF Projects that addresses skills gaps, barriers to engagement and increases employment opportunities for people with few or no qualifications:

  1. Positive Directions – employability project specifically for people with a disability to develop skills, achieve qualifications and avail of employability support with the aim of progressing to employment, further education, or other training.
  2. Family Foundations – Community Family Support Programme providing support to people who are not in employment, education or training using a person-centred approach to address the holistic needs of the individual, to help remove barriers whilst providing support to become more socially included and enhance their employability.


Economics and the Impacts of Loss

The above 2 ESF Projects cumulatively:


The table below provides a breakdown of staffing and payroll costs of running Clanrye Group’s two ESF projects. The figures are taken from the current project budget (2021/22).



Positive Directions

Family Foundations






Staff Hours




FT Equivalent Posts








Employer Total Pay Costs




Employer NIC & Pensions




Approximate Gross pay








Staff Gross (average)






Positive Directions (Project for people with a disability) Call 3 - Need, Impact and Outcomes:


Family Foundations (Community Family Support Programme) Call 3 - Need, Impact and Outcomes:

-          71% of participants enrolled reported increased social inclusion.

-          58% improved family relations

-          61% availed of specialised support and reported improved confidence about their future

-          66% achieved a qualification which will help them reach their goals of progressing to FE/other training/employment.

-          28% secured employment ie 222 participants.

-          26% progression to FE/Training ie 215 participants.

-          Target for securing employment - 160, actual number of participants securing employment 222 (to date)

-          Targets for progression to FE/Training- 168 , Actual to date 215.


Impact of the Loss of these Programmes on the Communities we Serve – BSP Imperatives


BSP Imperatives

In the short to medium term Whitehall departments need to engage with organisations at the coalface of our communities in NI. Organisations that keep our communities from fracture. Organisations that know how best to move our communities forward. Organisations that want people from our communities to positively contribute to the communities they live in and contribute to economic and social prosperity in a meaningful and fulsome way by giving them the tools and expertise to self-help.


We need Government to listen, to plan, to co-design and to create life changing and transformative programmes that have the ambition, foresight, nuances and imagination needed to change people’s mindsets and empower self-help, innovation and a can do attitude.


We would like to talk to you about how we can help to do just that.





December 2021