Written evidence submitted by Dr Simon Helyar (FGP0256)



Many thanks for the opportunity to voice our concerns and ideas for the next stage of primary care.

I will keep this brief, mainly because I have a long list of results to look through, letters to read and act upon, and I would also like to eat some breakfast before morning clinic starts.



-          Workforce: we have been promised however many additional GPs, of course you can interpret statistics how you like, but the honest answer is working within primary care there are not enough. As far as I am aware there are still huge numbers who want to go into medicine, so can we not increase the graduate entry places available? And of course there is the other huge issues of staff retainment. GPs retire early not only because of the stress of the job, but also because of the ridiculous situation they find themselves in financially. I am 35 and because of the ludicrous tax system of the 62% tax bracket I don’t work additional sessions normally. I have however been helping out in times of dire need, in which case I get £250 for a clinic. Once I have paid NI, tax and pension on this I end up with £22.50. It’s not much of an incentive to be honest. Then there is the issue with the pension. Seriously, this needs to be addressed and should you manage to sort it you will increase the GP workforce overnight.

-          Image in the media: lets be honest it’s pretty negative. I don’t know if that is the intention of the government to have us portrayed in this way, it sometimes feels like it is. But with all the power the UK government has can you not start to turn the tide of abuse we receive, get the general population behind us etc? It would make a big difference to the staff but also perhaps control patient expectation slightly better

-          I could go on but honestly I don’t have the time, I have another 13 hour day ahead of me, after which I still wont have finished all my tasks, paperwork etc and tomorrow, my day off, I can’t catch up as I am vaccinating….again.


Yours sincerely,


Dr Simon Helyar


Dec 2021