Written evidence submitted by Anonymous (FGP0230)


An unlimited block contract with General Practice that is free at the point of use for patients is unsustainable.

Patients are consuming more and more healthcare, 20 years ago the average patient saw their GP 3 times a year, this has more than doubled now to 7 times a year.

In addition GPs are managing much more complex medical problems that used to be managed only in hospitals.

The current model of general practice cannot support the workload being asked of general practice let alone ensure patients and public are satisfied with the service.

I write this at 9 pm after 13 hours at work in General practice already today and I still have been unable to complete my work but need to go home as the security staff want to lock up.

There is no sense of responsibility for the self anymore or appropriate use of the service. Imagine in McDonalds burgers were free at the point of use. People would be consuming burgers regardless of their need or desire, they would drop in because they were passing and use the resource frivolously. This is what is happening in general practice.

Dec 2021