Written evidence submitted by the PPG (Patient Participation Group) chairs of three Primary Care Networks in the New Forest, Hampshire area; involving eight GP Practices, serving approximately 112,000 patients (FGP0152)

  1. What are the main barriers to accessing General Practice and how can these be tackled?



Patient Education

Encourage patients to use Pharmacies and facilitate pharmacist to make booking with GP, if necessary, for patient. This facility could be extended to include community nurses.

Image of general practice


  1. To what extent does the Government and NHS England’s plan for improving access for patients and supporting General Practice address these barriers?


  1. What are the impacts when patients are unable to access General Practice using their preferred method?


  1. What role does having a named GP - and being able to see that GP- play in providing patients with the continuity of care they need?


  1. What are the main challenges facing General Practice in the next 5 years?


  1. How does regional variation shape the challenges facing General Practice in different parts of England, including rural areas?


  1. What part should General Practice play in the prevention agenda?


  1. What can be done to reduce bureaucracy and burnout, and improve morale, in general practice?

-          Reduce number of smaller practices to get full benefit of the PCN model.

-          Bonfire of NHSE data demands, concentrate on those having a strong 'health' benefit and bin the 'nice to have just in case'

-          Design a Primary Care management system that focuses on patient care with GPs totally focused on patient care NOT management. The contributors to this evidence belong to three PCNs and the three Clinical Directors (GPs) managing the PCNs has resulted in the loss of 1.2 full time equivalent GP, to an area short of GPs.


  1. How can the current model of General Practice be improved to make it more sustainable in the long term?              

Acknowledge and value the role as 'gate-keeper' to the NHS.


In Particular:


Possibly, but do not break the present model without understanding what would replace it and with a realistic time-scale. See Roundhouse Project detailed in point 5


Many individual GPs are trying to offer this care model, but seem continually constrained by resource issues.


We believe that we are seeing some fresh shoots, but COVID has complicated and obscured any analysis of benefits.


Too early to answer this because of COVID, but the signs are encouraging.


Dec 2021