Written submission from the United Nations World Food Programme UK Office, April 2020


International Development Committee Inquiry - Humanitarian Crises Monitoring: Impact of Coronavirus


Direct impact of COVID-19 on developing countries



WFP plans to assists 100 million people in 2020 and the number is expected to rise further as the crisis unfolds. For many poor countries, the economic consequences will be more devastating than the disease itself. The pandemic is impacting all countries – and the most vulnerable will be those with fragile economies, services, and health systems. In Africa, think landlocked, import-dependent countries like Malawi or Zimbabwe, or countries with pre-existing conflict and climate change strains on food security like Burkina Faso or South Sudan.


WFP has developed tools such as Hunger Map LIVE that monitors and captures the evolution of COVID-19 outbreaks according to the level of income of countries, and our Hunger Analytics Hub to track global COVID-19 data. These tracking tools are made available to the entire humanitarian and health community.





Impact on funding





In numbers as of 19th April 2020:

WFP total funding requirements for logistics services                                               965 million USD

WFP total funding required to assist 135 million people in 2020                                        12 billion USD

People projected to suffer from acute hunger by end of 2020 (WFP)                  265 million 

% international trade flows expected to fall in 2020 due to COVID-19 (WTO)  32 percent 

                     % global GDP expected to shrink by as much as (WTO)                                                                                               8.8 percent