Written evidence submitted by Dr Rebecca Salmon (FGP0082)

There are no less GPs than there were 5 years ago.  More places at university medical schools and make medicine more attractive as 5 year degree and significant cost implications for 18 year olds and boundary to entering medicine 

They go to A&E and then A&E send patients back to us as GPs so it wastes everyones time. 

This is helpful but I am a female part time GP as are most of the workforce so I can only be there for patients 2 days a week so this model does not work for the demographic of the GP workforce that we now have. 

Having enough GPs, retention of current workforce and people not retiring early or moving elsewhere within health care NHS and or private. 

Burnout and stress are a great concern.

I cannot access certain services as a GP in a market town.  Patients who are housebound are more reliant on us as GPs as cannot access other services  Having a fit for purpose building (ours is currently NOT fit for purpose) and having district nurses back in our building and working as team with them would be really good 

If there is time!  At the moment we are in survival mode and this is not possible but if we can recruit admin and clinical staff then yes we should not possible to do this at present well. 

Patients politer and kind.  Work for an NHS that recognises what we do for the NHS as frontline workers.  No great perks to working oin NHS in pandemic compared to friends/family working in private  sector firms.  Pay to work in a vaccination clinic for me as a GP is less than I can earn working in the local supermarket/is not enough to cover childcare to work in a vaccine clinic.  The NHS has been underfunded for far too long. 


I enjoy working for GP partners as a salaried GP.  I think partners are great at running their business and I have no wish to work for Virgin or a private company.  However to become a partner do not want the liability of putting my house/mortgage on the line to join a partnership . 


Helpful from what I can see but difficulty in staffing these when not enough staff in 1st place 


Having in practice physio and pharmacist is great. 

Dec 2021