Written submission from Unite the Union (RDF0023)



Unite thanks the Committee for the opportunity to give evidence in person and is pleased that the Committee is looking at specific practical steps that need to be taken to make a real difference to the road freight supply chain.  Of course Unites priority is the working conditions of existing drivers across the country and as such our members have developed a number of specific demands that we believe will bring real positive change to the sector.


We welcome the chance to review the DCPC and hope that, in collaboration with other stakeholders, we can create a vocational training structure that adds real value to drivers and the industry.


However, the review of the DCPC is only one very small part of the solution that are required.  We have attempted to provide below clear and practical steps that the government can take, or support and encourage the industry to take, to bring real change.


You will find attached a report commissioned by Unite on the current issues and proposed solutions through the establishment of minimum standards.


Also attached is the Unite Driver Manifesto published earlier this year that lists 7 clear demands.


Whilst the challenges in the sector are very varied they all contribute to the industry being unattractive to new and existing drivers.  Each of the points below will go some way to improving the industry.



In conclusion, when the entire industry; employers, drivers and regulators agree that major change needs to happen then we must prosecute every opportunity to make those required changes.  The road haulage supply chain holds the economy together, without it the country stops. 

December 2021