Written evidence submitted by Dr Hannah Harring (FGP0069)

I am a GP trainee and have just heard today that I have passed my final hurdle to becoming a fully fledged GP.  However, I am far from elated at the future that currently faces me in my chosen profession.  I am surrounded by wonderful, hard working GPs who are being squeezed harder year on year in increasingly litigious times and when medicine is becoming more and more complex with no sign of the deluge abating. 

I will not bang on because you know all this and this is our opportunity to about turn and get it right this time.  Otherwise, I really do fear that GPs will just find other less ball breaking work as moral dwindles to an all time low.  Here’s my ten pence worth:


  1. Increase medical school intakes by 25% minimum
  2. Agree a 5, 10, 15, 20 yr workforce plan that is going to scale up to deal with us all living longer.
  3. Pay us commensurate with the level of responsibility we hold.  After 10 years slog at med school, junior doctoring and speciality training, I take home £2384 month for 30hrs work ( I am only paid for 24 but no doctor works their hours or the NHS would have failed  Please pay us properly, or we wont attract bright individuals. So many choose to move to countries that do and we lose them in droves, I really am tempted myself).
  4. If the NHS trains a doctor/nurse, they should be contracted to work 4 yrs minimum in repayment for the training.
  5. Do not ask GPs to declare earnings.  No hospital consultant has to and they split their workload with private work to supplement the woeful salary (which is still better than GP salary). 

There is no quick fix to the mess we find ourselves in but if we know reinforcements are coming, we’ll probably grizz through it…. Get manpower sorted, pay us to retain/sustain us, bolster short term with physio, pharmacist and mental health practitioner support until more doctors arrive.  PLEASE!


Dec 2021