Written evidence submitted by Ali Corke (FGP0060)




Change the nanny state culture of the NHS. Patients must be empowered to take responsibility for their own health and wellness. Change policy/ethos so people take ownership for their health. This needs to start at primary school education. Maybe we should look at Personalised Health Budgets again? People may then use the service wisely and with respect.


Government transparency about where General Practice is, and how it is not sustainable in its current form to be everything to everyone. This may help to reduce anger and violence from Our patients to us and our staff. This in turn causes burnout, feeling of inadequacy, feelings we are unable to meet expectations. This in turn causes problems with retention of staff, both clinical and non-clinical.


Control media coverage of general practice. It entices anger and exacerbates the above.


Government transparency about hospital waiting times. At present we are dealing with angry patients who cannot access the red wall at secondary care, so they bring their anger and frustration back into primary care. We are also carrying the can for secondary care waiting lists, taking XS risk, it makes the whole situation feel dangerous. As an example our 'Cardiac Chest pain clinic' has always run a 2 week waiting list, recently is has been 8 weeks for someone to be seen, this puts us in a difficult situation making risky decisions about whether a patient can wait this long or if they will die while waiting.


Invest in social care/ Community Elderly care teams / advisors- these elderly people highly complicated and take enormous time. We are not social care specialists. We are not best placed to make OT referrals/ advise on social care. We have 1 Elderly care facilitator, she is worth her weight in gold, but overwhelmed by demand, unless we see more of these people we cant retain staff in these roles to help with the pressure.


National Signposting system that works. STOP WORK before it even gets to our doors. Simple illness / self-limiting illness EDUCATION. Use of pharmacies, use 111, use emergency eye care (opticians), use of dental services.


Provide patients with exposure to how much their health contact has cost the NHS. People in certain age groups (35-80) have lost respect for the NHS, they do not appreciate what is being offered, because it is free they use it without thought. The only age groups who appreciate care are the elderly 80+ , (war and pre-war babies)


Ban the sentence ' if it doesn't get better contact your GP' from AE / Secondary care. There have to be better defaults. Other health providers need to take responsibility for their decisions rather than passing them back to primary care.


Either get rid of 111 or make it effective. Their default is 'contact your GP within X hours' . This is purely signposting to general practice. Patients are then cross when they reach us because they have had to jump through too many hoops and haven’t yet had any help.


Politely (or impolitely) demand that secondary care doesn’t use GPs as a 'foundation doctor' , arrange bloods, prescribe this acute drug, follow up secondary care investigations. We have asked for this for years and it just keep happening.


Don't pay us more.... provide us with a workforce that is trained and accessible for employment, and most importantly who we can retain because they enjoy a sustainable job and work environment.


Dec 2021