Supplementary written evidence submitted by Dr Sasha Stark, Senior Researcher, Responsible Gambling Council


Here are a few additional points I didn't get to cover thoroughly earlier today:

-              Beyond simple participation, there are certain lottery play behaviours that are associated with a higher level of risk - playing weekly or more, spending more, higher number of tickets purchased, playing to recoup losses, scratching tickets in store, and playing a larger variety of gambling games.

-               In addition to those of lower socioeconomic status, other high risk groups include males, those who are younger, and those who use substances (cigarettes, alcohol, illicit drugs).

-               Fewer safer gambling policies and initiatives exist for lottery and scratchcards compared to other types of gambling, such as casinos or electronic gaming machines.

-               Funding should be provided for gambling prevention, research, and treatment.

-               Recommended safer gambling approaches for lottery should centre around informed decision making, precommitment, tailored educational and in-play messaging, marketing restrictions, staff training, assisting patrons, breaks and self-exclusion, and assisting patrons.