Written evidence submitted by Anonymous (FGP0049)


What would you change if you could?



ARRS roles being able to do med 3’s, referrals, private medicals where appropriate



MH ARRS not forcibly tied to MHT


IT the way the NHS manages such a huge contract is quite alien to the outside world so some sort of long term plan to bring in line, example a TPP system merge, they decide when, it can be cancelled by them at a moment notice and its in core working hours. Outside world would be done at least disruptive time, i.e. Saturday evening and they wouldn’t even start conversations with the IT provider until this was agreed.


IT interoperability – exactly the same as above if the new system doesn’t talk to core system then no conversation to even start before they can. (I have over 100 user names and passwords)


NHS digital already pulls appointment info so how that is published to wider population would help.


NHS 111 very risk adverse and always told national protocols cant be changed resulting in lots of un needed GP appointments, more investment in that service would maybe raise threshold reducing demand overall in the physical system.


Finally a more political one but sharing of patient data, most people assume the NHS is the NHS so hospital in York same access to your record as Swindon yet we treat as separate organisations, however we treat the pension as one, so could the legislation be pushed to allow full/ access sharing now we are out of the EU.



 Is the traditional partnership model in general practice sustainable given recruitment challenges, the prioritisation of integrated care and the shift towards salaried GP posts?

Yes absolutely -  like any organisation depends on the partners/ board culture, eg NHS trusts vary from their leadership style / culture






Dec 2021