Written evidence submitted by Anonymous (FGP0048)

I currently work as a locum GP and as a salaried GP within an Urgent Treatment Centre at an Emergency Department at The Royal United Hospital in Bath. I qualified as a doctor in the year 2000 and have been working as a GP now for 13 years.

I am writing because I care about The NHS and patients and I would like to see an improvement in the care that people receive.

Please note – the medical workforce in general are exhausted and demoralised. I have been able to work in a variety of practices over the years – and the ones that I get the most job satisfaction from are the practices that have 15 minute appointments.  I am able to be more thorough in the management of these patients – and am also able to include some health education which hopefully will decrease the number of appointments they will need in the future.

As a locum GP – I have decreased my booking of locum shifts – due to an ongoing issue of over a year with Primary Care Support England and the handling of my NHS pension. I am one of many doctors who has had issue with this service and it causes undue stress. I have finally taken my issues relating to this to the Pension Ombudsman – and if would you like to see my letter detailing my concerns about Primary Care Support England I can forward this on to you. I also have other evidence from PULSE a GP magazine relating to just how big this problem is. The problem with my NHS pension is a significant factor in making me want to leave a career that I was once passionate about. It has had a significant negative effect on my mental health. Demoralised and unwell doctors do not give the best service to their patients.


Should you want more information about my complaint to The Pensions Ombudsman please do not hesitate to contact me on my email address supplied.

Dec 2021