Written evidence submitted by Dr Simon Smith (FGP0042)

The main barriers to providing GP are the insatiable desire of the public for free health care and the finite work force.

We should as a nation be spending increasing amounts of our GDP on health care.

I’m unaware that any of the current government plans are of any help with the current situation and in fact the governments tacit support of criticism via the media has fuelled a wave of entitled demander patients to make life difficult for our receptionists, nurses, and doctors.

Please call off the press.

New use of digital services, ie email and text consulting is here to stay and is largely helpful.

Patients demands for F2F consultations isn’t always necessary

I suspect we will now not be able to return to the ideal of having one named doctor for all your health care needs.

The provision of free childcare would open the younger GP and nurses with children to work longer hours. Currently they are stymied by increasing costs if they work more.

The addition of pharmacists in surgeries has been very helpful in reducing burden of workload.

We need a whole new generation of practice nurses as the current generation are nearing retirement. Please fund in-house practice nurse training, covering their salary and training cost as a national programme.

Stop asking us to sign up for silly schemes that involve ticking boxes in order to access “new money”. Give us the money to do the job and don’t burden us with silly schemes,

The future of general practice is at the practice level, not regional.

Countless hours of medical time have been lost over the years trying to create region groupings, involving doctors in hours of fruitless meetings. Stop trying to integrate us all in unwieldy clumps.

Partnership model still works.

Your cash grab into our pensions and the scrapping of seniority payments has led a generation of older doctors to down tools and retire early.


Dec 2021