Written evidence submitted by Anonymous (FGP0041)

The current GP system is complexly broken and dangerous

Doctors and staff are tired and exhausted

There are too many patients and not enough GPs


Other staff may help but patients need and want to see a GP. We do 10 years of training to do a difficult job. We carry huge risks day in day out. Older GPs are leaving and the young DR will never do the 8 -9 sessions a week that I did all my life . I have been woring in New Zealand and feel this system is only way forward


Go to system such as New Zealand patient pay £20 per consultation. There are safety nets for low income .There are enough GPs and every patient gets 20 minute appointment blood test results in 2 hours and immediate access diagnostics to xrays u/s and ct abdo, also a system called acute  demand which allows hospital at home avoiding admission with treated pneumonia and cellulitis with iv antibiotics at home.

Until the system becomes safe Drs and patients alike are going to be unhappy with inadequate treatment and unnecessary admissions .


I have 30 years experience as a GP and now working as a locum causes massive anxiety. Due to my work I became seriously unwell and had to take early retirement. I now work part time supporting Doctors  being on the LMC , and occasional locums .


Dec 2021