Written evidence submitted by Dr Peter Evans, GP at Abbottswood Pershore (FGP0033)


Whilst there are many complexities to this question what would make the most difference to general practice would be to increase the global sum significantly to enable practices to employ a stable workforce well renumerated . We need to make it far better to be a partner or salaried doctor than a locum . This would help practices to plan , encourage doctors to join practices rather than locum and help with continuity for those patients that need it and in turn reduce costs as continuity has been shown to do . Continuity should be regarded as the hallmark of general practice and this should be strongly encouraged by properly funding it .  By properly funding general practice less patients would go to A&E and GPs would be less likely to phone an ambulance for a patient before they have assessed them – if the GP has time to do so .


On another note an area which should be mandatory across all heathcare communication is 2 boxes on every communication .


  1. Action for GP ( which needs to be appropriate)
  2. What the patient has been told about this action


If this was compulsory it would help patient safety by items not being missed in letters ,improve efficiency by primary care staff not needing to go through all communication in detail – when mistakes happen . It would also ensure the GP practice knows that the patient has for example been told to arrange a blood test rather than the practice having to check this . This woud save millions of hours of administrative time freeing up time for patient care .


Nov 2021