Written evidence submitted by Dr Pauline Grant (FGP0024)


Evidence for the Review of General Practice


Problems in general practice


Possible solutions








The personal list system has become unpopular because GPs have to cover the week and as we do not work every day we have to structure it carefully. Also it is a partner heavy model ( although we do have a salaried GP working the same model). But there are ways around it by having job shares- 2 GPs covering one list.


I believe continuity should be incentivised or mandated. It is better for GPs and patients.


Other solutions


Fund admin/business staff- give practices a proper amount of money to pay anciliary staff properly instead of it coming out of our profits as wages are increasing, we cannot recruit and it is added pressure. As admin increases we need more anciliary staff (IGDPR CQC IIF etc etc ) but our income for this has not increased.


The government should pay our employers pension contribution for GPs like they used to


Support the partnership model as it is the most efficient. We work above and beyond for our own business but we cannot keep going without proper support financially.


Let us define our scope of work.


Take sick certification off us- we only do what the patient tells us anyway they might as well self certify for the whole period and if the employer wants to pay for an occupational health assessment if they are off for a long time they can do that. We are not offering an occupational health service anyway


Let us refuse to write letters for all and sundry


Limit the number of appointment we offer per day but specify how many a practice should offer per patient (reasonable number) Then if demand is rising the number of GPs will have to increase. (I realise this is difficult)


Reward the right things- if a practice achieves very good scores on access in the national survey reward it with significant money instead of shaming those where access is poor.


The 2004 contract was very good- for once we had enough money and waiting times were down in hospitals and most people were happy. That increase in funding has dwindled and dwindled. Funding really makes a difference.


Tell patients they can’t have everything.


Nov 2021