Written evidence submitted by ForHumanity (OSB0230)


Re: Draft Online Safety Bill


To: The Joint Select Committee


ForHumanity would like to offer the committee specific expert testimony regarding the proposed legislation. We are aware of the ongoing debate on enforcement, oversight, audit and certification in the Online Safety Bill.  As an expert group, providing auditable criteria for law, standards, regulations and best practices, we are confident that allowing, if not requiring, third-party, independent audit by trained auditors employed by organisations accredited by UKAS will result in the highest degree of comprehensive, transparent compliance with the proposed law.


ForHumanity has been providing the UK government (via the Information Commissioner’s Office) with audit certification criteria covering UK GDPR, the Children’s Code and other laws related to artificial intelligence, algorithmic and autonomous systems. Through these efforts, ForHumanity has developed significant infrastructure for producing audit criteria, backed by our more than 650 contributors and Fellows from 48 countries. We intend to provide auditable criteria for regulatory approval in regards to the Online Safety bill leveraging this wealth of expertise. 


ForHumanity trains individuals on our audit criteria. With regards to UK GDPR certification, we have more than 250 people training on the criteria, and in conjunction with UKAS, we have more than 25 firms signed up for a pilot program.  The Committee can be assured of a robust infrastructure of professionals expertly trained to execute independent audits on the Online Safety Bill.


We offer this advice to the Joint Committee so it may feel confident including Independent third-party audit guidance in the bill.  ForHumanity’s mission is to examine and analysis downside risk associated with the ubiquitous advance of artificial intelligence, algorithmic and autonomous systems and where possible to engage in risk mitigation in order to get the best possible benefit… ForHumanity. The protections afforded to the people of the United Kingdom through this bill are vital risk mitigations to humanity’s increasing online existence.  We fully support the bill and know that adoption, compliance and enforcement will be maximized when Independent Audit by third-parties is encouraged if not mandated.



J. Ryan Carrier - Executive Director on behalf of ForHumanity


29 November 2021