Written evidence submitted by Dr Carrick Richards (FGP0016)


I am a GP with ideas for innovative improvements:

1. Regulatory cut back. Make NHS managers and GMC staff subject to GMC principles. They must become more aware of the potential for real harm to staff. Civil standard of proof was a huge blow to justice. ‘Improvement’ work is being applied carelessly, clumsily and harmfully.

2. No reform without full stakeholder engagement and reasoned debate. PCN DES was seen as having potential but finally being a work transfer without engagement or staffing. Standards need to be discussed with those tasked to meet them, not derived from junior policy groups nor ivory towers

3. Principle of proper resourcing and staffing all transfers of work. This would be a governing principle protecting staff from fraud and blackmail applied by managers, under pressure to meet impossible targets

4. Capital Moneys. Protect Capital sums from raids to fill current spending deficit. Stop NHS Propco demanding money not owed

5. Hospital work transfers. Streamline hospital doctors and nurse prescription, referral and certificate requests, so no GP has to do contracted hospital  work

6. Pharmacy work transfers. Make all pharmacy medicine supply issues their problem to fix, not a GP’s

7. Funding. Use health inflation ands demographics, not RPI, to calculate NHS need and if actual funding is a net increase.

8. Vision. Address socio-cultural dependancy and demand. Recognise that matching Supply-Demand  is needed for sustainability. Make public expectations part of the debate. Use total numbers not shaved statistics for workforce and waiting list announments

9. Trust and Collaboration. Use and engage with Royal Colleges and BMA for the benefit of the service; patients and staff. Most Doctors now see politicians, regulators and managers as adversaries and this cannot be healthy or sustainable


Nov 2021