Written evidence submitted by NFU (LS0061)


NFU Supplementary Evidence – Labour in the Supply Chain

November 2021


Evidence and impacts of horticulture seasonal labour shortages 2021


  1. Overview

Industry evidence gathered through 2021 has identified labour shortages, crop losses and a reduction in planting for 2022. The evidence below has been collated from NFU monthly surveys of the main labour providers and largest recruiters, a ‘mid season’ survey of the wider NFU membership, plus evidence of 2022 production intentions gathered from crop associations.


  1. 2021 labour shortages and impacts


  1. 2022 planting decisions


  1. Estimated shortages in 2022

With a total requirement of 70,000 seasonal workers, and an expected ‘returnee rate’ from EU nationals with settled/pre-settled status being no more than 40%, it is estimated there will be a workforce shortage above 25,000 in 2022.



To mitigate this shortfall, the seasonal worker scheme would need to be approximately 55,700.