Written evidence from Charles Pickles (Airtight on Asbestos) (ASB0033)



I note that in Thompson's response to the committee's call for evidence there is a reference to my previous role in relation to the asbestos consultancy and the suggestion that I will make 'considerable financial gain should there be governmental commitment to extended asbestos monitoring or large-scale asbestos removal."


I would like to state for the record that I do have a background in asbestos consultancy. I co-founded Lucion Environmental in 2002. However, I divested my commercial interests in the company in 2019. I no longer have any business or commercial interests in Lucion, any other asbestos consultancy or asbestos related business. 


Since leaving Lucion Environmental I have spent my time campaigning to improve the standards of asbestos management in the UK, which I know from my direct experience to be lacking. I have during this time established and funded the Airtight on Asbestos campaign, which has been managed by ResPublica.


I refute the suggestion that I am doing this for personal gain and that I stand to benefit financially from any changes that the government might make to the UK's health and safety regime. I request that these comments are removed from Thompson's submission and that this email is also made public on the committee's web page to clarify my position and prevent any further inaccurate and potentially slanderous accusations being made about my motivations for campaigning on this issue.


Charles Pickles.


November 2021