Supplementary written evidence submitted by the Age Verification Providers Association



Additional Evidence: DCMS Select Committee hearing – Online Safety

9 November 2021



Bill in general - what works well and what any areas of concern?

Our main concerns are:




What is the spectrum of Age Assurance - what does it cover

The essence of age assurance is proving your age online without having to disclose your identity




Is Age Assurance mandated in the bill


What are the confidence thresholds

Who should set the confidence thresholds?


What is your view of the Kidron Bill

How do you respond to the criticisms around Privacy


How do you respond to the criticisms of Coadec and TechUK, that Age Assurance would be a barrier to startups

How does the new Bill compare to the Digital Economy Act


What about the online porn loophole


What are the technical challenges to AA and AV - what are the limits


What do you think about business disruption measures?


Delegation of powers to ministers

It would be informative to have a draft of the Priority and Primary Priority Content schedules to consider alongside the Bill.  Otherwise there is a lack of context which makes testing the clauses of the Bill very theoretical.