Written Evidence Submitted by Hampshire Constabulary



  1. The role out of the internet of things (IOT) is often dependent on wireless technology that is vulnerable to jamming or spoofing. The law is not fit for purpose as the devices are illegal to use but legal to buy and possess. It is akin to policing class A drugs, where the only offence is at the point of injecting the drug and importation is legal.
  2. It is an error to treat GNSS interference as a stand-alone subject. It is part of a booming criminal industry of jamming WIFI / Bluetooth / Telecoms. The threat is moving fast and we are not. Jamming ranges from Ring door bells to Bluetooth alarm sensors.
  3. The great majority of low power GNSS jamming is low end
  1. Higher power jamming indicate serious criminality that in car theft alone is a key enabler for hundreds of millions of pounds of (largely unpoliced) organised car crime.
  2. About 90 mostly Chinese websites market jammers to the UK. Most notably www.jammers4u.co.uk Some eBay sellers claim to sell 15 jammers a day
  3. The police ESN radio is vulnerable to jamming as it predominantly a 5G mobile phone in a box.
  4. No single govt department wants to own jamming – the problem being it’s truly pan-government and no dept wants that wide a responsibility.
  5. The UK has already suffered its first GPS ‘spoof’ armed robbery where police were sent to the wrong coordinates during a cash-in-transit robbery.
  6. The only two police officers in the UK specialising in GNSS jamming are both retiring in the next three months without replacement.
  7. Jamming and spoofing is not well evidenced because it is so fragmented, plus there is no duty to report. The problem in Maritime is actively covered up for fear of reputational damage. Statistics are available for how much jamming is travelling along a typical motorway on a typical day.


(November 2021)