Written evidence submitted by Coventry City Council (COR0118)


1. Please see below some points on the Communication/relationship that the people in contingency IA (Coventry Hill Hotel) have with the AIRE & AASC providers. Also, issues SUs face due to current public health crisis and distancing measures.

General Observation

2. The Home Office has responded promptly to head off some significant issues for local authorities and asylum seekers by introducing a set of temporary measures – for example ending discontinuations and removing some reporting requirements for service users.

3. There will be a need to engage in more detailed work with local authorities as the system resets to prevent challenges in the provision of housing for those successfully obtaining leave to remain.

4. Both the Home Office and Serco have worked hard to maintain effective communications with local authorities through the Strategic Migration Partnership and directly, and this is welcomed by the City Council.

5. With Migrant Help/Reed in Partnership at Coventry Hill hotel

6. With Serco/ Requisite staffs at Coventry Hill hotel



7. General issues with DA clients in the city


May 2020