Written evidence submitted by Gary Peck

Dear Public accounts committee.

Funding awarded to Music Hubs

I am contacting you because Music Hubs are being awarded about £1bn in funding since 2012 have used fraud and deception to obtain these funds.

In 2009 I developed a music course designed to teach music in schools correctly

To put it bluntly your fully qualified school music teachers cannot teach the school music curriculum in the school music classroom.

This means that every school music teacher being paid £25k+ cannot teach music in schools correctly. They are currently free to teach what they like and you need to find out what they are actually teaching.

In order to rectify the problem I had to identify the reasons why school music teachers are failing to teach music in schools correctly.

The root cause is the way school music teachers have been taught music to pass ABRSM music Grades. It is considered to learn music correctly you must have private music tuition and pass ABRSM music grades.

This is why music is considered a ‘Preserve of the rich’ – Only those who can afford private music tuition will benefit.

Ofsted and the Heads of every Music Hub are all classically trained musicians and aware of what the school music curriculum contains. They believe music cannot be taught in the school classroom correctly.

In 2009 I identified what was causing the problem of teaching and this enabled me to design a music course that teaches music in a correct chronological order of teaching.

Ofsted Mr Hammerton (Ofsted Lead Music) watched a video of a year 5 pupil from RakeGate junior school, do music theory that he believed was impossible to teach at year 11 GCSE music theory.

Those running Wolverhampton Music Service along with Birmingham Music Service, Blackpool Music Service, Dudley Music Service, CMEH, Shropshire music Service and Entrust Music Service. Have all seen the music course and aware that music can be improved in every school.

These Music Hubs have deliberately failed every child and every school music teacher in every school in England.

Wolverhampton Music Service, have told deliberate lies to LEA Officers. They have also given deliberate false evidence to Wolverhampton City Council legal team.

I have complained to my newly elected MP Jane Stevenson. Jane is a former school music teacher. She informs me she is a qualified musician and music teacher for 25 years.

Jane Stevenson wrote an article on music education for the Express paper. In it she stated that for 10 years she taught 7 – 18 year olds music.

Jane Stevenson MP is now in possession of a full music course that can prepare every child for secondary school music lessons.

She also has the test papers that coincide with what is taught.  These test papers were filled in by primary pupils.

Marie Bessent (OCR GCSE music examination j536 author) looked at the test papers filled in by primary pupils at the 2016 music expo in London. She confirmed that they were a 100% pass at GCSE music theory.

Music Hubs could have rectified the way music was taught in every school in England in 2012.

Jane Stevenson MP has seen the evidence that LEA officers and City Council legal team have been deliberately lied to – Malfeasance in public office.

They have protected the money awarded to music hubs by fraud and deception.

Please contact Jane Stevenson MP she has all the evidence and proof that funding to the Music Hubs is not of value.

This fraud and deception is being carried out on an industrial scale.

It must be reported to the Police and Education fraud.

Children being taught music in schools by the Music Hubs are only being taught to sight read and play to sheet music. They are not taught any music theory.

When they grow up and become future music teachers – You will have the same problems that you have now.

The school music Curriculum requires music theory to be taught.

You will be informed the money awarded to Music Hubs is of value – It is not and there is deception being used.

Children can now be taught how to work out which notes are required to work out both chords and scales.

All 30 Key Signatures can now be worked out from memory. This method of teaching can be done in 30 minutes in whole class teaching. Current teaching methods takes around 9 years.

Children can be taught to work out all the Major Scales. All Western music is based on and around the Major Scale.

This can be achieved in 30 minutes in whole class tuition. The Major Scales are not taught in the school classroom.

The Modes are not taught at ABRSM grade 5 and classed impossible to teach in schools.

It is now possible to have 6 year olds work out all the required notes in any mode in any Key.  A grand total of 116 modes.

All of this is the nuts and bolts of music.

Then there is the Notation. Test papers prove primary pupils can read sheet music composed in any Key Signature.

Schools do not teach Key Signatures.

If you would like music improved in the school classroom and the money spent to be of value speak to Jane Stevenson MP.

I would like to attend this enquiry if possible.