City of Westminster Council, Bessborough Family Hub – Written evidence (PSC0078)


Westminster Children’s Services were delighted to welcome you and your fellow Public Services Committee members to Bessborough Family Hub last month.


We discussed the role of the Family Navigator which we introduced locally in 2018. We have found that this position is central to the integration of services that makes up the Family Hub and to a family’s early access to services. The navigator is linked to schools and GP practices in the local area, acting as a bridge to help these providers support families into the services needed and then coordinating the network around a family.


We recruited professionals who had a wide range of experience in working with children and young people of all ages, and their families, and they have been able to take a flexible and proactive approach, responding if a family comes into one of the hub services asking for support, assessing the level of need and if appropriate going on to act as their lead professional, or to coach someone else in the professional network in taking up this role.


Families tell us that having a navigator to help them think through what their families need, then find their way through the often complex networks of services has made a big difference to them.


19 October 2021