Written evidence submitted by Jacob McPherson


Dear members of the Treasury Select Committee,


I hope you're well during these uncertain times.


I am writing to you in relation to the Job Retention Scheme criteria.


I was employed as of March 9 2020 but due to monthly pay my RTI HMRC submission from my employer was not made until post March 19 2020 thus a loophole in the JRS scheme  leaving me left with £0 income, no income for the month of April onwards.


I understand I am not a constituent of yours and I have already communicated with my representative but your influence could greatly alter the landscape here and your actions could ensure that those rightly entitled to financial aid are.


The Job Retention Scheme requires employees to have started employment prior to March 19 2020 but it also requires employers to have made an RTI submission for the PAYE scheme to HMRC before March 19 2020. Due to receiving monthly pay at the end of each month, whilst I was employed prior to the JRS cut-off date of March 19 2020 my employer made the RTI submission after March 19 2020. This has left me ineligible to be furloughed.


Through no fault of my own, or my employers, I have been excluded from this brilliant scheme even though my contract of employment was signed well before the cut-off date. 


I also understand that TUPE'd staff employed after February 28 2020 are still eligible for the CJRS, the Treasury have confirmed. If it is possible to confirm the credibility of these applicants HMRC are able to do the same for legitimate new starter who signed a contract of employment prior to the schemes announcement but received payment monthly, after the schemes cut-off date.


I am asking that you please propose that myself, and other in my position, are eligible for the scheme from the start date on my employers RTI submission. This would block any fraudulent Job Retention Scheme claims as those eligible would have an employment start date prior to the date the scheme was announced.


I do think that the goal, the request being made by new starters can come across as slightly ambiguous. There are differing views of the issue regarding the CJRS loophole as well as varying ways to remedy to situation. If I may, as you continue to up the pressure on Ministers to deliver justice, can I ask that you consider this one rather clarifying request:


To remove the current CRJS eligibility term of a pre March 19 2020 RTI submission and instead allow employees to be eligible for the scheme if; the start date documented on their employer's RTI submission is pre March 19 2020.


This minor change would mean myself, and others in my position, would be able to remain employed and live in financial safety through this difficult period. The amendment would also be putting businesses on a better footing to rapidly respond and recover when conditions allow.


An EDM for New starters under the CJRS has been signed by over 37 other MP's with no withdrawals, your signature would be a vote of confidence in our pursuit for new starter justice. Please find the EDM here:


I'm sure as a MPs you have a lot to contend with, more now than ever, so again I just want to express my gratitude, you seem to me a shining light as an exemplary Member os Parliament.




Jacob McPherson


May 2020