Written evidence submitted by Shire Latif (NLR0027)


The Committee has launched a new inquiry to examine the case for the reform of NHS litigation against a background of a significant increase in costs, and concerns that the clinical negligence process fails to do enough to encourage lessons being learnt which promote future patient safety.]

Figures show that in 2020/21, £2.26bn was spent from the NHS budget to settle claims and pay legal costs arising from clinical negligence claims.  A further £7.9 billion was spent on compensation from claims settled in previous years, meaning that over £10bn of money was spent on clinical negligence claims which could have been spent on patient care. The total potential liabilities arising from all negligence claims made up to the end of 2020/21 was £82.8bn, increasing by about £5.7 bn every year.

Inquiry deadline - Wednesday 20 October 2021


  1. One of the richest nations on earth struggles to provide the provision of basic care. It is able to defend most clinical negligence claims through the default system of cover ups using the current complaints system.



  1. Early acceptance of error. Refrain from tampering with medical records. Involve families. Open and transparent investigations. Full disclosures of medical records, before investigation and as new facts emerge.



  1. As above point 2.



  1. Seek advice from appropriate medical experts early.



  1. Answered in previous question.



  1. Current system is to defend at all cost therefore no minimum levels should be set.



  1. Without the cover up (current default position) it is a due process like any other.



  1. Most medical experts already provide clinical care and mentor juniors. That would include anything learnt from a clinical negligence case as details emerge and shared between experts.



  1. None. The culture of state corruption filters downwards to Ineffective regulators.



  1. HSIB/HSSIB was created to increase secrecy and concealment above the principle of candour therefore should not be conducting maternity investigations. Patient safety investigations were previously conducted by the Healthcare Commission without such restrictions.





  1. No changes are needed as the Clinical Negligence investigation is able to uncover crime due to the nature of the experts involved and evidence presented. Any changes would of been sought previously by medical experts.
  2. Advise the return of the Healthcare Commission to better regulate the NHS and to conduct patient safety investigations.
  3. Advise closure of the CQC – poorly performing. Ignores cases of clear dishonesty in the NHS yet tasked by parliament to enforce candour.
  4. CQC Chief regulator ignored my son’s case and for consistency ignored the case of Baby Harry Richford.
  5. Here is Derek Richford grilling the PHSO and shocked at the level of ignorance shown by the regulators:


‘There is nothing for the CQC here.’ To having the biggest criminal prosecution against a Trust that the CQC have ever carried out?”



  1. What happened when I demonstrated evidence of clear dishonesty (falsified records)? The CQC attempts to signpost it to the PHSO. My son as result has now been suffering for over 20 years without treatment.


  1. Advise closure of HSIB/HSSIB as the intention is to completely curtail your existing rights to disclosure.




Oct 2021