Ofcomfurther supplementary written evidence (FCF0049)


House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee inquiry into the future of Channel 4


Answers to supplementary questions from the Committee


With apologies for the slight delay in getting back to you, please see responses to your questions below. Do let us know if it would be helpful to chat through in more detail.


a) We do model for BVoD minutes overall in our Media Nations publication but do not go further and split this down by individual BVOD platform. It would be difficult for us to do so without stretching the model beyond its limits and at the risk of producing data inconsistent with what broadcasters could themselves provide.


b) We do provide figures for iPlayer in our BBC Annual report and elsewhere, but this is derived directly from data that comes from the BBC, not from our modelling in a) above. We do not have any such data from Channel 4 currently but are working with them to agree what All 4 data would be suitable for publication in the future. Netflix and Amazon Prime are calculated from a separate dataset for subscription platforms that does not include BVoD services.



8 October 2021





Email to Ofcom from the Communications and Digital Committee



Many thanks for your emails.


Understood re the below, however there seems to be an inconsistency. Please could you explain why Ofcom has not assessed how many minutes per day the average adult/younger adult watches All 4 but has assessed:


a) overall BVOD viewing minutes for both age groups (12 per day for 4+ and 11 for 16-34s, according to ‘Media Nations 2021’) and


b) in ‘Media Nations 2019’ (p 19), how many minutes a day the average adult/younger adult watches BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Amazon



6 October 2021