Written evidence from Anonymous (HAB0008)



Before I begin, I would like to say that I recognise that I am not unique or Special and I want to live a complete life, nor do I attempt to use my disability to advance my position synthetically. So what I say is true.


Since leaving university, I have tried to live and work within the "social" system to the best of my abilities; I have worked tirelessly, kept my head down, I would come in early and go home late. Only to be pushed out because of the one thing I could not control my ASD traits.


When I lost my last full-time role (an 18k role), I went to UC; I fully intended to get another job, and I began to work very hard to find one. So I set up a work pattern of 9 - 5 six days and started applying for jobs; from the second review I had, the pressure began to build.


Even though I did everything in my power to find work, my work coach told me that I was not applying for enough jobs and that I needed to apply for more and more roles. So applying for the positions became an obsession, so that I would work 9 to 5 making job applications and then work for six hours a night on automation so I could increase the number of roles.


During this time, I was living on a food allowance of £1.00 per day. So I tried to remove as much unnecessary stuff as possible, such as my streaming services, standing orders and other things. I tried to get help, I talked to my Job Coach, who was not sympathetic. Not one to be downhearted, I pushed on (KBOing) and got on working, pushing the hours, for around a year.


After being shouted at by a staff member for having too many interviews, I contacted the local MP, [redacted]. However, he was not sympathetic; he said that universal credit was a sound system that helped people find work and told me to "be more like Pirelli". He also said that I should be "proud" that I was at UC.


The MP advised that he would contact the local jobcentre, i requested that the MP not do this as this would leave me open to sanction. The MP ignored my request and passed my information on to the local Job Office, who sent me an email, and discussed it in my next two meetings with my job coach.


At this time was the point that my health started to fail; I stopped going out, i would go out only for food, i kept what was going away from my friends and family; at the time, i thought i was the problem, that i was evil and or scum that i was reaping karma because i was an evil person and i continued to still work away trying to find work,


I would find a part-time cleaning job, at this job I would volunteer to do the dirtiest jobs, work hard, never complain, but then I started to receive heat from someone else on the cleaning crew. After a miscalculation in response to the "heat", I lost my role.


The loss of my job accelerated the degradation of my mental health, and I went back to searching from that point on and would not receive another offer to interview, and no one was listening. All I wanted was to keep my Independence (an Independence I worked for most of my life). I started getting panic attacks. I would begin to fear (i still fear) going to the jobcentre.



After around three months, my family stepped in because they had become very concerned as I had no money to eat correctly and that I spent long periods asleep. A family member requested this person get a meeting, And as a result I was assigned a new job coach and was on the support group, UC50, and I was also advised to apply for PIP. I was also "formally told" to go see a doctor, which I did.


When I went for PIP, we sent in all of the evidence of all of my disabilities and went to a face to face exam, and when the report came back, I was refused PIP because I had a degree.


I would like to close my evidence by saying I completely understand that life is not fair, that the country is not there to cater to my whym. But having spent my life trying to live as I expected too, having done everything in my power to make an independent life for myself and my family, I would like to live a life, Where i am not scared of the government department. I dont experience dread when you get a txt or see a DWP letter.



October 2021