Written evidence submitted by the Business Travel
Association (BTA) (AAS0008)


About the Business Travel Association (BTA) and the value of business travel to the UK economy.


The BTA is the representative body for the UK business travel industry. Its member travel management companies (TMCs) account for over 90% of all business travel booked in the UK. 


In a typical year this equates to 6.4 million journeys and 32 million transactions which contribute £220 billion to UK GDP. 


Business travellers are the people who make the deals and relationships which drive international trade. They also include humanitarian aid workers, engineers, scientists, education providers and researchers.


Business travellers are lifeblood to airlines, accounting for 15-20% of their customer base, and on certain routes are twice as profitable as leisure travellers. Airlines depend on TMCs to distribute their product to business travellers as they do not have the infrastructure to handle the volume and requirements of large-scale business travel needs.


An additional benefit of the business travel sector to the wider economy is that the higher yields per business travel passenger allows leisure travellers fares to be reduced, opening up international travel to a wider range of people.


Thank you for considering our submission to the Committee’s inquiry. We would be delighted to provide further evidence to the Committee either through an oral evidence session or via additional written evidence.


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October 2021