Written evidence submitted by Trina Lawrie


My name is Trina Lawrie, and I am a UK citizen who has been trying to help vulnerable people escape from Afghanistan.


The process of trying to draw attention to an individual's plight has been an absolute nightmare. The telephone helpline rang out for weeks with no-one ever answering. When I finally got through, I was told that the ARAP scheme had closed at the end of the airlift, and they wouldn’t even note down people’s names. This despite the government website stating it was stilll open.


There was an option on the ARAP form for a barber, but not for medical staff. We were told to use this form for vulnerable people, yet it was obviously not set up for this, and there was no part of the form for adding additional details. Once we clicked submit, there was no confirmation screen or email to confirm applications had gone through. We haven’t even got a reference number.


7th October 2021