Written evidence submitted anonymously


Rough Sleeping – Why is it that Parliament is incapable of Housing the UK’s homeless – yet it has and  is managing to house has and take in tens of thousands of asylum seekers, including thousands of Syrians of Afghans.


Parliament appears to be putting asylum seekers ahead of the UK’s homeless. Our recommendations for parliament are as follows:



Asylum seekers to claim asylum in first safe country  in their Continent– Change the law so that  all  Africans must claim asylum in a safe African country and  all Asians must claim Asylum in a safe Asian country.


MP’s who put migrants ahead of the British people - Change the law so that MP’s who put migrants ahead of the British people have unlimited  liability for all the costs involved in putting migrants ahead of British people and punish the MP’s who put migrants ahead of the British people with life imprisonment with Hard Labour.




No Housing Crisis – but a population crisis – brought on by mass immigration

The MPs do not seem to understand the situation. There is no Housing crisis, there is a population crisis brought about by MP’s allowing the mass uncontrolled immigration of  roughly 12 million + immigrants, plus millions of illegal immigrants which has been allowed  by MPs and the unelected and undemocratic House of Lords  both of whom must bear full responsibility. In many cases  immigrants have been allowed to jump ahead of British people in the housing queue. The supply of housing in the UK must be at an all time high, so the issue is not one of supply but demand. The solution to the population crisis is very simple  – legally stop all mass immigration and legally remove all illegal immigrants from the country; why is the DLHC not doing this?


Cladding Scandal

The Government has thrown probably up to £500bn down on the drain on the so called covid pandemic – a pandemic so terrible that only about roughly 0.2% of the population died with covid – and probably a lot less than that died from covid. More people probably died from the lockdown than covid. So if the Government can tip up to £500bn down the drain for nothing ( when the solution to covid was to isolate the small number of vulnerable and let the rest of the country live as usual) the Government should be able to stump up however much it takes to fix the cladding problem, which is very adversely affecting hundreds of thousands of people.


October 2021