Dear Sir/Madam, please find below my responses to selected questions:


2. What are the main benefits and risks of a CBDC?

The main risks are simply put, the vastly enhanced control and traceability inherent in such a scheme. No such thing would be entertained by any government unless it further undermined the already tattered soundness and privacy of money. The power to control the currency in yet more ways deleterious to the interests of citizens is not a power we should be putting in the hands of unelected central banks.

4. How should the Bank of England and HM Treasury address concerns over privacy and traceability of payments when exploring CBDC design?

By ruling out the creation of a CBDC which will inevitably be used to undermine the privacy of payments.


5. What effects might a CBDC have on the financial sector?

Further enriching it at the expense of the ordinary citizen.


9. How should HM Treasury and the Bank of England engage with the public on the research and development of a CBDC?

At the very least, such a monumental transformation of one of the most fundamental foundations of society, it’s system of money, should be put to a national referendum following a properly informed public debate on the implications of such a change.


28 September 2021