Written evidence submitted by Cazenove and Loyd (AAS0005)

First of all, most tour operators whatever their destination are now in survival mode but long haul operators to destinations such as Latin America, Africa and Asia still have most destinations on a Red List.

Even if UK Government take all of the actions we suggest below, a company like cazenove+loyd has another 6 to 12 months with limited cashflow, zero help with furlough and a continued lack of confidence from customers which leads to more rather than less work to execute travel plans.

The USA and much of Europe have had far less onerous travel restrictions in place and their travel sector has had some months of recovery.

Quite apart from direct financial help, we also need clarity and positivity to boost confidence to travel especially given the high vaccination rates in the UK and the low instances of Covid cases from those who have travelled abroad.

Direct actions and rhetoric around them could be:

Most travel companies, like ours, have survived so far only by putting owners/shareholders money behind continued trading. Unlike retail and hospitality we have not had local government support as we are deemed to be offices. And unlike most sectors we have not benefitted from full furlough as we have had to employ staff to undo/rebook customers every month that travel is ruled to be illegal. This is not sustainable or fair for an company/industry which has supported the public health initiatives to the letter.

Please listen to us. A world class industry which is on its knees.


September 2021