Written evidence submitted by The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AAB0055)

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies is the professional association that serves as the collective voice of North America's state, provincial and territorial fish and wildlife agencies on a broad spectrum of biodiversity and conservation issues from migratory bird conservation to invasive species management to engagement in international treaties and conventions. We appreciate the opportunity to share these brief remarks.

We would encourage the Committee to consider the importance of hunting as part of the conservation strategy that supports livelihoods in some African countries, including seven Southern African Development Community countries. We believe that blanket bans can do more harm than good for the conservation of wildlife and for people. In the U.S., we know the importance of the sustainable use and management of wildlife such as the sustainable use of American alligator, which has been crucial to the conservation of the species. The Association believes that science-informed domestic and international interventions will be the most effective way to support both people and wildlife. Policies need to be rooted in the fact that well-regulated and managed harvest, trade, and use (including tribal/indigenous rights) can successfully sustain fish, wildlife, and the habitats upon which they depend while supporting food security and livelihoods. As it was in the last call for evidence in 2020, it will be critical to hear from and consider the views of the States and people that are most likely to be impacted by the Animals Abroad Bill.


September 2021