Written evidence submitted by Alex Merkin (AAS0004)

Pretty simple, really allow people to travel freely like they could do before March 2020 by ending the ridiculous red list with forced hotel detainment and pointless testing. It is completely, illogical, inappropriate, unfairly punitive, and disproportionate. While completely failing to protect public health. It is laughable to pretend that they are making a material difference to an endemic virus, with minister stating that the current IFR for SARS-cov-2 is 0.096%, perfectly comparable to the flu, with it being estimated that over 90% would test positive for antibodies and the problem that it claims to addresses doesn't currently exist.

Using variants as a reason also holds no water. None of the variants evade vaccines and none are currently worse than delta, which has usurped the other variants in many places including the UK.  never mind that it would be ineffective if there was.  Due to the reliance international trade and variants can pop up anywhere. Never mind that there is always going to the risk of new variants so that could potentially mean, restrictions indefinitely which is totally unacceptable.

Retaining such draconian restrictions is pointlessly hindering the travel industry. It is beyond time to end these ludicrous travel restrictions and move to merely advice so people can make up their own minds up, like before March 2020.





September 2021